We are in the decade that matters

The Norwegian paper Klassekampen recently did an interview featuring Karen O’Brien. Karen is reflecting on how she ended up as a climate scientist and in Norway, and her passion for transformation toward sustainability. With permission from Klassekampen read the full interview.

The power of small change

Oslo on 50 kroner a day? Anyone who has lived in or visited the capital of Norway knows that this is not easy. A bus ticket costs 32 kroner; a cup of coffee is 38 kroner; and a movie is 110 kroner (never mind popcorn). When Milda Jonusaite Nordbø took the 30-day cCHALLENGE, she decided

Life as an experiment

We are living through a terrifying global experiment, where we are contributing to climate change risks that have profound implications for both natural and human systems. Sea-level rise, ocean acidification, species extinctions, reduced food, water and livelihood security, more extreme weather events. The list of observed and potential climate change impacts is long, and likely

What Milda learned from 30 days on 50 NOK

Come and hear cCHALLENGE participant Milda J. Nordbø at PechaKucha at DOGA in Oslo, 7 April. Milda will share her experience about how making a small change in her daily life generated new conversations, changed habits and inspired others to find their power to create change. This is Milda’s second go at PechaKucha. The first

What a crew! And then we are not only referring to the well-known politician or the TV-celebrity and model. This round showed the ripple effects of conversations and how actions can affect attitudes and responses to climate change in nonlinear ways.

The cCHALLENGE is gaining attention. The third round of the transformative program was offered to an engaged group of people committed to a personal change project for 30-days.

The second group of cCHALLENGE participants reached every corner of Norway with their reflections and inspired others to also experiment with change. Some amazing realizations about sphere of influence during the 30-day experiment.

This was the first public round of cCHALLENGE. Thanks to financial support from the Environmental Agency and technical help from Telenor, we were able to invite a diverse group of 15 people to carry out and reflect upon a 30-day change experiment.