What a crew! And then we are not only referring to the well-known politician or the TV-celebrity and model. This round showed the ripple effects of conversations and how actions can affect attitudes and responses to climate change in nonlinear ways.

Enok committed to “zero waste” through dumpster diving for food. The amount of food he was recovering on a daily basis quickly became overwhelming, his freezer was full. The process pushed Enok to think more deeply about the food system and his own relationship to it. His insights had ripple effects. At one point during his cCHALLENGE, he was being interviewed on national television news and during the interview, he invited the TV reporter to accompany him to dumpster dive. In his words, this is what followed: “The clip got nationwide publicity and, two days after, the director of the biggest supermarket chain in Norway went public to say that they are now welcoming the regulatory system in place in France [to reduce food waste].”

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