cCHALLENGE is a climate solution for businesses and organizations. cCHALLENGE makes use of the most powerful solution to climate change that exists – people. It is a transformative program delivered on a global platform that leads to both reflection and engagement.

Businesses and organizations are struggling to meet their climate goals. There is a persistent gap between goals and reality. The recent Paris Climate Agreement makes it even more urgent that we close this gap. Yet there is already a shift underway, and with that shift comes new opportunities. Catalyzing and capitalizing on this shift through existing and emergent climate strategies will be vital. cCHALLENGE brings climate credibility to companies and at the same time helps to realize a true triple bottom line.

cCHALLENGE at a glance
The cCHALLENGE is a transformative program that inspires and empowers individuals to engage with climate change. A 30-day change experiment provides individuals and groups with information, experiences and insights on climate change and its solutions, helping them to see where, why and how they make a difference.

The cCHALLENGE is an experiment in social change. By committing to a single change and reflecting on its impacts, participants gain a better understanding of relationships between individual change, social change and systems change.

The cCHALLENGE presents a new story about climate change. This is a story about humans and their role in shaping a positive future. It is an empowering story based on insights from research on transformations, about engaging directly with personal, political and practical climate change solutions

Nobody can do everything – but everyone can do something.

Linda_KarencCHALLENGE is offered by cCHANGE, a Norwegian-based company that helps individuals and groups to understand climate change from new perspectives. Building on nearly 40 years of experience in climate change research, cCHANGE brings together a large body of knowledge on climate change and transformation processes. cCHANGE was founded in 2013 by Linda Sygna and Karen O´Brien.